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Reviews for "LL - Lock Legion Shorts 2"

And time passes...

You make some really good, solid and funny flashes and I really liked the randomness in this flash and in most flashes I saw from you, you seem to enjoy joking with the time which I most of the time find that pretty funny because its done in a proper manner.

Thanks for the good flashes and for the good laugh, its always great to see neat flashes like this.

MasterLock responds:

Thanks a lot. :]

Oh my god

One of the best LL shorts I ever saw lmao!
Good job, it made me laugh.
Needs more GentlemanLock >:U

MasterLock responds:

You're too hard to draw :'


Very random and funny, I love the way you made fun of Spitty or whatever. Quickly paced, very well done.


MasterLock responds:

Thanks :]

Three Words:

Needs more Raider

MasterLock responds:

Needs more black box with "Raider" in it?

Good enough!!!!!

I never thought there actually be a good Lock clip I've been waiting for 3 years and finally a good one came out at least for flash not music clips. Anyways great animation. That retards talking to Spitty and he growling tht was a little funny. Regardless good ending song.

MasterLock responds:

lol, thanks.