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Reviews for "LL - Lock Legion Shorts 2"


Heh, I loved that last short, who wouldn't jump off a cliff to be cool? Oh yeah, and thanks for wasting 6 minutes and 46 second of my life on that credit roll. I'm happy your favorite word is dog.

MasterLock responds:

woof woof


whats with spitty?

MasterLock responds:

He's not too huge a fan of internet dating.


I'd like to join the LL since I recently got Flash, but I can't access the LL website for some reason. :(

MasterLock responds:

It's dead. locklegion.org is the backup, a new one should be up by this weekend or later.


That's good stuff. You can't argue with that. Are you coming out with any other Lock Legion movies?

MasterLock responds:

Not really, I'm feeling pretty lazy!


Spitty can screw your ears up if you put that to full volume. Peacelock is a rapist(no suprise there.) winchester pwns. THAT BE ALL!

MasterLock responds:

Spitty is AGNREH, Peace is a huge rapist, and Winchester pwns in his own redneckey ways.