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Reviews for "LL - Lock Legion Shorts 2"


Everything was great exept for that fuckin anoying sound that fire thing made when the shotgun slug and the other thing was talking about marrige. Yeah...thats about it. Great job

MasterLock responds:

Thanks. The noise adds to the anger.

A classy movie, nothing B rate about it.

This was fun; great storyline, cool effects, and great choice of music (dragonforce)!

Viva la Lock Legion

MasterLock responds:

Thanks :3

Yaaaaayyyy dragonforce

pretty funny, but not REALLY funny, which is what I was expecting.
But it was definitely worth watching. Thanks for not wasting my time.

MasterLock responds:

You're welcome.

It's meant to be funny???

is it really?

i didn't find any at all.

lame humour.

MasterLock responds:

It's easier to appreciate things if you don't have a stick in your ass.

If a lock would jump...

I would vote 5. Niceness. Now tell Redcherry to get a life.

MasterLock responds: