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Reviews for "LL - Lock Legion Shorts 2"

Makes you question your mom.

Must say, I like lock legion more than the Clock Crew. This wonderful addition is a pretty nice reason to like the Lock Leigon even more.

Greatly made and animated well. Though the animation is limited since they don't actually have mouths, it was still pretty well done. Or do they have mouths? Hm...

Pretty done. Not much interface needed, and easy to navigate and read the 'funny little comments'. Each short was pretty nice to watch, and it puts a little more icing on the cake since it had a nice timing on the re-occurring joke. Could've used something at the very end where some one else goes on internet dating and 'Spitty' eats his head off. Yeah, I have sophisticated humor traits.

Usin' the old microsoft voice thing (or atleast thats what I think it is..?) sounds pretty good when used in this style. Though you may of wanted to cut Spitty's voice down shorter, since it was kind of annoying to hear it twice when its long.

Not much violence, but it does have a well done bloody scene at the end. Its Cliff-suicide-riffic!

Most of that was just the comments, but it was nice reading that. Wow... 10 months just to do that short wrestling scene. C'mon man, speed it up!

Was pretty nice, though I didn't catch that black-and-white reference at first and the punch lines could of been re-located. I didn't get that rapping scene, though I get a bit of it via the comment for it. Not quite funny, though.

The subtitles where cut off. That was a big downer. ):

81%, or an 8. Good going, Mr. Baconbits.


MasterLock responds:

Graphics: They have mouths, they're just too small to see. ._.

Style: Sophisticated humor traits indeed.

Sound: The voices were made with Speakonia, so I guess you're half right.

Violence: mmmblood

Interactivity: Meh, there was a 9 month period of nothing inbetween. Gimme a break.

Humor: The rapping scene?

Exc: Yeah, that's really odd. They don't get cut off on my mom's computer, which uses Flash Player 8, so apparently it's a Flash Player 9 problem. What causes this problem is beyond me.


Mabey If i was 12 i would have liked it better

MasterLock responds:

So you're 13 now?

If all the cool kids jumped off a cliff would you?

Golden Monkeypants is the best way to describe this submission. I'm going to go buy a hat to take off, then masturbate to this submission for a while.

MasterLock responds:

Okey dokey.

Sheer Master Hardened Brilliance!

Seriously great stuff there, Master. Great rt and animation as well as that great humour. The only thing I can really suggest you can do to make it better is; KIWI LAWK!

~Kiwi Lock

MasterLock responds:

oh hello

Very nice!

The flash was hilarious.
Going to watch it a few times over again.
Nice use of effects and all.

-Trunks (:

MasterLock responds:

Thanka yuo :D