Reviews for "Samantha"

I never thought a flash with a name as simple as "Samantha" could be so good. Maybe I just love this because I love cats so much. This was really a cute story. I'm glad it wasn't cynical or anything. I was in fact expecting something bad at the end. I'm just used to that on the Internet.

The narration was wonderful. People should make more sweet stuff like this. It even got more elaborate as it went on. It was a little too long, though. It's not a complicated story.


This is a very beatiful story, some of the animation could have been more fluid here, but the drawings simple charm fit the story very well, and I really enjoyed hearing this one, also it really is a very important commentary on life especially for those who have become lost in their own possessions forgetting what really matters.


Thats so sweet


GREAT flash animation... touched me...


this movie touched me. a boy loses his best friend, although on his way he is distracted by buying things after an odd man sells him stuff. when he finds the LOST flyer for his cat he takes his things to see the poster clearly. then he finally notices the strange cat that started following him was his, and this was the cat that he traveled across a creepy road for.
the moral of this story: do not let prized posessions stand in the way of true friendship. It is a good flash that teaches a lesson about you, friends, and things that will break you and your friends apart. thankyou for understanding this.