Reviews for "Samantha"


GRrrrrrrrrrrrrr i am happy this is complotly dE LIGHTFUL I LIKE THIS CRAP GO DO SOMETHING USEFUL LIKE PLAY WITH YOUR DOG OR CAT I GIVE A FLYING five so all i have to say is ...... That I don't think obviousdoor appreciates a wide variety of art forms.

Good job, really. The storybook feel is hard to accomplish in my eyes, and I think you pulled it off well. Have a nice day!

great,but newgrounds isn't kid-friendly

the movie was great it had great graphics and other stuff but ur forgetting that this website is for 13 yr olds ,it's still a great flash i think this should be made into a childrens book


this is why people use background music. but it was a pretty nice story :) animation :)

Its boring..

I know its touching and everything, you had a great story, but it was too boring, the narrator was boring, the script was repetitive, but the rest was good. I think if you spent a little more time writing a story with a script that didnt have useless, unecessary rambling in it, you would surely get 10 thumbs up from me! Until then.. all i can say was it was good.

Virgilcomic responds:

Maybe perhaps there was some unnecassary rambling, verily so.


first of all... do you know what's a pause? Really now... if you've gone the trouble of getting a narrator, he should at least pause sometime. it all went fast... everything, as if it was connected or somthing. stop every some time. wait a second or two... let the viewer understand better... instead it went on and on... it's a story. read it like you read a book, not like a robot.
some stuff don't even need narrating. for example: "the cat climbed on the tree because that's somthing that cats do". com'on! was that really neccessery?
another thing: when you make a movie, you don't need to tell us about how people look or what they were carrying. when the boy took his ladder with him you told us he carried a ladder, that he had boots and all along the movie there was a lirrle too much details.
another thing: it's a storytale. in storytales, and some of the lines were a "dissonant" to my ear, in that part, because they aren't fit for that kind of story (the cellphones, the gameboy, the price over the man's head). It's not realistic, so you don't need to use realistic material.

the whole story itself was a bit cliche, not to mention the animation, that didn't fit the backgrounds graphics.
you managed to create something nice, but below avarage, and you didn't present anything new. don't get hurt, but next time work harder on the movie and not on the script.