Reviews for "Samantha"

Beautiful story and child-book animation

A great story commenting on materialism with a child-book story telling and visual style. Congrats.

very interesting

A nice story of a boy and his cat. Graphics were drawn and animated well. Great use of frame by frame animating and detailed drawn backgrounds. That was cool how you showed how smart that cat was. She knew who he was but he kept ignoring her. But eventually all was well when he remembered he lost his cat. Nice story!

Nice, wow, cool

Wow this is really good i think its cool because of the how much ART you put into this video.
I also like that the facted that he was so distracked by all these items, video games, ect. that he forgot about his best friend, ''Cat'' and it was cool that the character dident speak it was almost like a silent video a bit. I think you should make more video's but you could name the MAIN character and or the cat. but all and all i love it im an artist my self and i really like the abckround and thw water color you put into this cartoon nice video. Oh and all those who think this video is retared fuck you because you got no talents in making videos like these so just set the fuc kdown and shut the fuck up cuz this kid, teen, adult witch ever he might be is very very very talentied. oh good video dude keep up the good work :) happy holitdays

Very cute and heartwarming!

This is quite refreshing after all of the normal things Newground offers.

Thank you.


I'm proud to have my voice in this Animation, it's looking fantastic. Keep up the good work.