Reviews for "Samantha"


Y'know... Newgrounds (and I guess the world in general) does something to a person. For some not-too-unfathomable reason I kept expecting someone to run over by a Mack truck, or someone to die of some horrible disease or some other such calamity, leaving the story blank and unfinished for the purpouses of black humour. For this reason I felt guarded and unwilling to let myself fall in love with your characters until near the end when (oh frabjous day) it all came together sweetly and without calamity.
So instead of duly laughing at some kid's blatant southparkish contortion of sentiment for chuckles, here I sit hoping and praying that I and those around me don't fall into the same trap as a boy who lost his cat, lost his way, yet in the end won the day.
Have a five.

Virgilcomic responds:

What a nice story. I am so glad you saw this!

Heart felt.

I really enjoyed watching this submission. I hope you continue to progress in this, or whichever media you're most passionate about.

Virgilcomic responds:

Thanks. I am working on it and finding my niche.


This was such a great story. You thought it out well. You worked hard, and produced a great Flash. I cried at the end <,<;; Very good. Its a simple story that touches both young an old.


nothing wrong with telling a children's story, even if it is to adults. we could all use some innocence nowadays. goodjob.

Virgilcomic responds:

I think adults can use these stories more than kids, really.


i usually dont like things that are rated G but i like this story its cute and if you tell anyone i said that ill kill you .lol. :)