Reviews for "Samantha"

nice one

that was a very nice animation. the plotline 'might' be primarily for children, but i enjoyed this one. nice drawings, good audio, a nice story and concept to it, good entertainment and it was a very nice change from some of the other kinds of animations and game you see on here.
great job on this one, glad to see it on the NG front page and win an award.


This made me smile on a gloomy day. Wonderful stuff =)


got to love that cuteness <3


that was so sweet ! really cute.
i miss my cat :(

Donald M

Donald u think too much, this movie was good, from what i could understand from ur review, i think u liked it too, u may have had a thesaurus next to you, or ur an B/A candidate but u shouldn't talk so much, especially when all ur saying is "this is a good cartoon" and not giving any techniques.

Very well done to you for a tale of a boy and his cat, reminds me of the story from billy madison about the boy and his dog :P
Peace. x0x0x