Reviews for "Samantha"

Perfect, Very Well Done

0 - Violence = Cuz There Wasn't Any lol

0 - Interactivity = Cuz There Wasn't Any Accept Click Anywhere

5 - Humor = More Of A Lesson Instead Of Humorous

I Don't Know If There Was A Hidden Message In This Video But I Do Believe This Is A Video That Should Be Watched By All The Masses Who Live Their Life According To How Much Money They Have Or How Much Stuff They Own Instead Of What's Important To Them. I Honestly Loved This Video And Hope Other People Enoyed It As Well. And Understand The Deeper Meaning Behind It.

In Short...Good Stuff:)

great stuff!

first of all ignore most fo the shitty reviews you're getting. some people don't realise that Newgrounds is a place for ANY flash animations not just violence, sex, sprites, comedy... what you have made is a rarety on this site but i enjoy seeing that people still make these delightfully pleasant films that actually have a meaning behind them and leave you with a good feeling inside =)

keep it up!

A great story, a great style.

I like the story you set up there. I interperet it as some sort of reference to religion. People feel something missing in their lives, so they try to fill up the hole with meaningless material items (like iPods, cell phones and Gameboys), but what they're really missing is God in their life. They take the fact that God protects them everyday for granted, and just shrug it off. Anyway, enough about the meaning.

I enjoy the painted-looking background. It gives the animation a unique, story-like feel. All in all, I think this Flash deserves a five. It really made me feel, unlike all the other pointless stuff that overflows Newgrounds. Thank you for submitting it.

Truely, sirs, an inspiration!

this is a marvelous little film. I really enjoyed watching it. I even learned a thing or two.

the best movie i have seen on NG in a while

the Way that one can watch and listen to the marvelous story beating greatly from the narrator's mouth is perfect i reverd you with vote 5 and review 10 you are a wonderful artist also i hope to hear more classic work from you soon. But always remember a masterpiece like this cannot be rushed ever good luck.