Reviews for "Samantha"


That was one of the best things I've seen on here in such a long time! Great job!


how cute and well done, perhaps you should have it published!


this remindes me of the time i lost my cat,Mini.
She wanted to go outside so i let her out and 2 hours later she didn't come back so i looked all over for her but i coulden't find her so i put up signs on posts and i went home and the next day i heard a "meow" and another and another so i followed them and i found Mini stuck under my back porch,lol.

(sniff) Oh god, that was beautiful.....

I havent cried like this since dumbledore died, today my soul is complete and my heart has been warmed.

Good job!

Cool backgrounds, cool animation(but could be better), ive loved the story, and the voice is great!