Reviews for "Samantha"

lol nice story

i like the story and the moral of it lol it reminds me of how deep little childrens books are but just that they cant see it

very intresting i giv eit a 4/5 9/10

Virgilcomic responds:

Kids stories can be twisted, dark and much more complex than you realise.


I liked this and the way it was presented, the animation and graphics where both good here, the sound was okay but some work needed with that when talking into the mic. But the story was good and so was everything else I saw in this flash.

Defiantly worth the score and award it got in my view :)
Well done.

Keep it up.



Very good!

Now was'nt that touching? Very good story, seems to have been taken straight out of my grandmother book of stories. The handmaid drawings that you used for the background gave it a great style supporting the story. Very well animated, kudos to that.

The only thing I would like to suggest is that you sould take more pauses between the lines of the monologue, it would help point out certain elements that your trying to show the viewer.

good job for the rest, keep it up!

Virgilcomic responds:

I saw this suggestion several times- I'll have to work on my timing a bit- I guess I saw it so many times whilst editing I didn';t think it would go by too fast.


Without a doubt the most amazing submission I have ever seen on Newgrounds. I cannot give it any more than a 5 and that really upsets me, I'm absolutely in love with this. Really hit home with me, and for that I thank you very deeply.

Virgilcomic responds:


One thing to improve

the only thing i think you can include is that sometimes the background noise is louder then the guy speaking, so u cant hear him speaking, but great flash

Lman 3000

Virgilcomic responds:

True. I'll have to work on that.