Reviews for "Samantha"


I would have gave you a 10, but minus one point for not ending it with NEDM. Better luck next time.

I loved it!

It was absolutely beautiful. At first I wasn't sure if I'd be too fond of the animation, but the slight simplicity made it all the better. I wasn't exactly sure what I thought it would be about, but I really liked the result, happy to have watched, keep at it^^

Heart-warming...and awesome

It wasn't what I expected...it was better. If I had children, I would definately show this to them. The background looked cool and looked it was drawn in crown, the sound was pretty good, and Luke Coyne had a good reading voice...I enjoyed it very much. Kudos to Oz Thomas.

this is really cute

this is an adorably innocent flash. anyone who says that this movie is bad deserves to be shot. if all you want is violence and sex then don't watch submissions that are appropriate for all ages, its a guarantee that it won't have any of that adult crap in it.
This is nicely done, the animation is smooth and the style unique. Sound could use a little work. It had a story book quality that was all its own and I also enjoyed the backgrounds they looked like they were colored with crayon. Good job.


A cat...
I love the cats...
But My cat died, he never come back with me...