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Reviews for "In My Dreams"


Very well done. Reminds me of Adam Philips' Brackenwood series. Especially how you did the water.


Really nice.

I seen better graphics, but it really is more the story that matters. Which made this look so good to me. The sound was good but I feel like it could have been better. Overall I give it a 10 still. Keep up the work. :)

awesome dude

this is an awesome piece of flash, it reminds me so much of Prowlies In The River for some reason...

Nice job Adam Phillips...

But seriously, I'm okay with people getting inspiration from other artists, but to copy their style almost completely is just irritating. You do it pretty well, though.

nice one

that was a pretty good animation. i didn't exactly understand the whole plot to this one, but very nice graphics in this one, good audio, nice entertainment and your efforts were good. nice work on this one.... glad to see this one win an award and make it onto the NG front page too.