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Reviews for "In My Dreams"

I actually find the ending...

funny! He's just falling asleep (and starting to dream) then boom! And he's probably too tired to be fully awakened.

This reminds me...

of a Virginia Woolf novel called "To the Lighthouse". It's an early 20th century novel and one of the first few--and definitely on that revolutionized, to put it in a word--the concept of 'stream of consciousness', that is the constant flow of ones thoughts and how they can go from one topic to another, rambling on with barely a pause.
The story features its characters in a 3rd person perspective except that wit the 'stream of consciousness' you don't really follow the plot of the story, you're more focused on what they are thinking--and without notice it'll be in the perspective of another character.

This animation did just that, except with dreams--I really liked that. And like with Woolf's novel, it takes more than one look to fully understand--if there is anything that you need to understand in the first place. It's a dream. When did our dreams really make sense in the first place?

(shit this was long, sorry about that! ^_^')

guys, stop bitching

i love this. why? because it doesn't have a point. dreams are a window into one's soul, they don't need a point, they don't need a reason, they just... are what they are. infact, what i find rather ponderous is that i once had that exact dream. (no my tv didn't explode)


I think there's some parallel between the splash in the water and the light of the dream and the TV bulb (I guess it's a TV bulb) that explode.
Well that's a great movie anyway :)

I'm confused

wat happened