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Reviews for "In My Dreams"


Very good, despite the fact that, as you said, it's weird. Suggestion: add a play button so that the audience can play when they're ready. Another: add a replay button. It's a pain in the butt the hit refresh. Other than that nit-picking, excellent!

Very nice.

I see this going to front page. Stands out a lot with the detail. So Good Luck on that happening :D



good but youd should see Vodoo

Almost perfect... Wow

The only downside to this is that it's too short, I think...
But besides that this was fantastic. It was beautiful, dreamy and the mood was perfect. A real pleasure to watch.
Have you been inspired by the Brackenwood-series? Either way, good job on reaching the same environment and feel to the flash, as the series. Brackenwood was the first thing that came to mind, and that is a big applaud to be compared to that...

Hope to see more from you.

That was fantastic!

You have great art skills and this movie made no sense at all. Keep up the great work!