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Reviews for "In My Dreams"

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great animation. =)

Very realistic

It's very realistic especially the fact that it's supposed to be a dream. But I guess people do have dreams that make sense why can't i have one.

Love the art.

The art was wonderful. It has some hints of Adam Phillips, but I don't think you should try to change your style.

The watar sploshing looked unrealistic, and was the only thing I didn't enjoy.

Sound and music were off too. I think the grass moving when he/she got up was too loud. Even though it was very close, it was loud compared to other sounds.


I immediately knew from the thumbnail on the frontpage what this movie was going to be like. You should mention in your blurb about the movie that it was inspired by Adam Phillips, because as of now, it just looks like you're ripping his style off blatently. It was a fairly well drawn movie. The world, sounds and movements all copy a Brackenwood movie, so it kind of ruins it for me, because it wasn't original. Just work on creating your own style and you'll do great.

It was kind of well made

And I liked it, but I was bothered that it really seemed to take too much style from Brackenwood cartoons. how the character moved was stylized the same way, and so was the world around him.

otherwise nice job, but something longer and more your own would be good