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Reviews for "In My Dreams"

Good animation

I realy didnt understand the dream, but then again I dont even understand my own dreams. Maybe the point is were not ment to understand them. but I do know she's gonna be mad about that TV though. good job.


No words may descibe the hidden meaning behind your flash.
The animation is without words,flawless.

~Ways To Improve~
Go deeper,make it longer man.
Surely your dream wasn't that short and your memory that poor?

~Extra comments~
Hope to see more of your good work man.

Till next time man,


I have absolutely no idea what happened. This is just a poor effort really, you tried to pull off an Adam Philips but failed.

Not too bad

A nice flash which looks very good indeed.

But sadly due to your obvious use of the exact same style as adam philips and no actual credit to him whatsoever, im going to have to rate overall as low :/

Interesting, Interesting.

Above all, I think this is a bit of apophenia. If you kids don't know what that means, look it up. Basically, it is what you make of it.

Weel executed, well drawn. To me, it appears you take a bit of your style from the Artist at "Bitey Castle", forgive me, I forget his name.