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Reviews for "In My Dreams"

great work

Wow this is one of the best animations in the portal for sure, (aside from adam) whom im almost sure inspired the flash because of the similaritys in the style and all, i really look forward to seeing more work like this.


...I am sorry. I am too stupid to understand.... *Drool idiotically*....

Oooooo pretty pictures.... nice music.... nice atmosphere....

did he die in his sleep?

im just asking cuz i think thats what the tv blowing meant... please reply so i know ^_^

Do not listen to TheJollyGiant.

He did not read the title of the movie. 'In My Dreams' probably means you dreamed this movie? Anyway, in movies like this I do not seek a plot, I can certainly learn from you, because your graphics were astonishing! Great work, I must hand it to you, you have really done it with this piece of work. Because your graphics were excellent, and, like all the other reviewers mentioned, reminds me of Adam Philips work.

A fine job, sir, a fine job!

nice graphics, reminds me of adam philip's work

the thing that kinda bugs me is that it seemed kinda empty. after watching the video, it seemed like it didn't have a story line or humor or anything but good graphics.