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Reviews for "In My Dreams"

very stylish

I liked it and I think its save to say that this is a promissing artist, and I think I speak for all the NG addicts if I say that we'd like to see more.

Brilliantly Animated.

This peice was exceptionally animated, there are clear signs of Adam Phillips in there too and i love animations with that style. The Graphics, boy, it was like a painting, the river was really simple but effective and the moonlight glowing over the clouds was great. It's a very simple idea, but truly original and i know i couldn't think of something nearly as great. The only thing is, maybe, the person should've woken up when the TV exploded, at least, i think it was a TV, not quite sure.
Anyway, i'm adding this to my favourites and i will probably look at it for inspiration in future.

Good work

That was good, nice style... reminded me of Prowlies at the River. Good work, I'd like to see more in the future. Congrats on the front page also.

this is the kind of flahs that i like

to all voters of this flahs.
A flahs dosin't need a good plot but it needs good graphics and sound .
to maker of this flahs.
good but you could make a story.

I dunno

This was medium quality. The ending was to abrupt. Also, I couldn't tell, was the main character a man or a woman?