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Reviews for "In My Dreams"

good job

extremely well done.

but now i gotta say it... in your dreams you go to brackenwood, stare at your reflection in a lake at nighttime, and watch somethin' fall out of the sky and into that lake?

and also, while you're asleep the tube on a crt tv pops?

but still, awesome flash. Good job.

Double-you tee eff?

I didn't understand this flash to save my life, but I love it.

Very much reminded me of Adam Philips. You're going somewhere, I hope.

Great graphics..Not that good of a flash..

Submission wise, it was not that appealing to me. Graphic and just pure artword wise, I enjoyed just getting lost in the short moment. At first I did not really get your point..but then I realized it must be his work of art that is capturing people. Of course, you are NO Adam Phillips in any way..but you can see where the influence is shown just a tad..The crashing lightbulb had me jump for a little bit I must say heh..

Recommendation - Mid

Thumb Rating - d('.'d)

Vote - 3/5

Why shouldn't we ask you to explain art?

All the great artists made their message relatively clear in their works. Just like music isn't just for musicians, art isn't just for artists. That kind of pretension is what makes people not appreciate the arts the way they really should.

Very well done

Very good look.

You can tell your a BrakenWood Forum user, plus I myself have seen you around on there myself. I don't mean to auction your credit off to Adam as most people will do...

It's just obvious that you have taken his teachings and recreated your own work. Its very good, and I found all the special effects to be well done. I won't question the story, it seemed as if it were one of those shorts that are left to the imagination.

Over all a 7, good job.