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Reviews for "Fingerprints of the Gods{durn}"


I rarely find a submission on ng so...I can't think of a word better then perfect.


durn responds:

High praise, dude. :) Makes me all warm and tingly inside! :D

Not bad at all!

I like the style, it really does reflect the heat! Thanks for telling me about it! It has a bit of a retro style to it. I like what you did at 4:06, sounded really great! Thanks for reading!

durn responds:

Aye, definite late 90's trance style at first and then a more early-90s club style in the center. :) Can't help but pay homage to my old inspirations. :D Thanks for the review, st3ff0n.


wow every time I look at your songs before i listen to them because they always seem to impress me in some way. I like it. I really do...

durn responds:

Heh, thanks crazyperson!


A late review is better than no review :D An Awesome flangish lead and a funky bass combined with breezing noises and fresh breaks makes for an awesome eargasm ! AMAZING work , I love it :D Inspired me to take on my never ending fight to create some sweet houseish music ^^

durn responds:

Sexy! Better get the q-tips out to clear out all that earjizz! :D Hahaha. Thanks for the love, Kaggen! :)

You got that right ^_^

A good intro with such relaxing rythm makes it intriguing and also catchy from what we can see. :D

I can tell you that you have good ears, the piece has a nice smoothness along with it and the incoming beats are well fit for giving more attention to the listener.

Awesome tune, good work! :D


durn responds:

omg, you can see music?!? Give me your eyes! I can only hear, feel, smell and taste music. :( If I could see it too I would be unstoppable!!!!! ;)

Hehehe, thank you for the very nice review, Badspreekill. :)