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Reviews for "Fingerprints of the Gods{durn}"


This song is so
ur welcome homie i love dis song

durn responds:

Dude, yer a poet and ya didn't even know it. :) Thanks for the


It truly is a feel-good progressive track that reflects the summer heat!
It's weird actually, because it's hard for me to imagine a chill-out hot summer when it's the cold weather the one I enjoy the most.
Nevertheless, instead of making the fast-paced track you would normally listen to in summer, you've performed a slow-paced summer theme track that truly reflects your passion for hot weather! Great Job!

durn responds:

:) Aye, I definitely prefer the heat to the cold. These old bones get all crackly and stiff during the winter months. ;) The summer heat helps me relax and move about and definitely helps inspire some different emotions in my music.

Thanks for the scorchin' review, Soldorado! :)

Thumbs Up

I normally don't like ambient music like this (I typically don't find it interesting), but for some reason I really like this. I'm not sure what it is, but it just sounds right. Nice work.

durn responds:

Aye, it's cause I like music that makes me feel good so that's what I make. If the harmonies get me all tingly I figure it might do the same for others. :D Thanks for the thumbs up, Warlord.

pretty good.

your awesome n stuff.

durn responds:

thanks ipoop n stuff.


I've read Fingerprints of the Gods, it gets you thinking huh? Nice song, it was well put together. However, there wasn't much of anything that really caught my eye and made surprised me. Really catchy though..

durn responds:

Ya, it was a good read. I've always felt that civilization is older than our records. His other book Underworld is just as interesting, it expands more on his take on pre-history. Thanks for the honest remarks, Cz. :)