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Reviews for "Fingerprints of the Gods{durn}"

mind blowing

Very well executed.... thanks for uploading this fine piece of art. Don't stop making music.

durn responds:

:) Darn tootin', I'll always be crankin' out tunas!


very good song, it would fit very well in a videogame

you are awesome, put that in your damn head

durn responds:

haha, put that in my girlfriend's damn head and the world would be perfect. ;) Thanks for the review, templario. :D

Very well

For me, this song reflects something cold, certainly times of storm... anguish... sadness... but another part, made me think something burning... I can not really describe what actually identified in this song. This slow-paced progression is impressive.
Excelent track indded, keep doing.

durn responds:

The beginning I can totally agree with you, I did that part to cool me down, but then I had my fan off for like 2 hours cause the sound of the blade interfered with my work and I was -scorching- hot in my room and all of a sudden the center part just leaped out during an off-key recording based on the acoustics of the drum pattern I'd made.

The whole center part was quite by luck, I like happy accidents. :) Thanks for your thoughts, Kauvin.

Very Nice

Great work as always, durn. It was somewhat relaxing and does deliver a sense of heat in an urban area. You did this very well with your use of pads and synth leads. Thanks for letting me know about your new track :)

durn responds:

Thanks Vilko. I spent more time than usual trying out different pad harmonics and reverbs to achieve a more atmospheric sound for this one. I'll keep on lettin' ya know about new releases. :D


wow every time I look at your songs before i listen to them because they always seem to impress me in some way. I like it. I really do...

durn responds:

Heh, thanks crazyperson!