Reviews for "Fingerprints of the Gods{durn}"

excellent everything!

the melody that comes in has cool variations and a great rhythm. the drum is has great panning and sounds really nice. the background effects give a really dynamic feel, and its got an interesting deserty feel. the instruments are well picked.
I love the progression also and transfer between the different sections.
An exceptional song in my eyes.

durn responds:

:O You can see music!?!? That's cooooool! :D hehehe, it's nice to read that you heard all the subtleties I threw in. Thanks for the warm review, Philzart. :)


i like this sonng a lot it makes me feel relaxed and the song is smooth. i hope u keep making more songs like this one!

durn responds:

:) Thanks rackle. I wanted to slowly bring people in with this one, good to hear it worked.


very good!

durn responds:


thanks again! :d

beautifully done

Simply amazing nice transitions between beat changes, and I love the pitch of the main synth. Mah favorite part of the song is when you fade out and bring the synth back in towards the end. Truly great work, keep it up. 10/10 5/5

durn responds:

Thanks dude. :) I put a lot of effort into the transitions between parts in this tune since they were so different from one another in timbre. Glad to know it paid off. :D

You got that right ^_^

A good intro with such relaxing rythm makes it intriguing and also catchy from what we can see. :D

I can tell you that you have good ears, the piece has a nice smoothness along with it and the incoming beats are well fit for giving more attention to the listener.

Awesome tune, good work! :D


durn responds:

omg, you can see music?!? Give me your eyes! I can only hear, feel, smell and taste music. :( If I could see it too I would be unstoppable!!!!! ;)

Hehehe, thank you for the very nice review, Badspreekill. :)