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Reviews for "Fingerprints of the Gods{durn}"

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I agree with duckhits that the intro made into a loop would be nice. I could see it for flash game menus. But I think the rest sounds really awesome too. The Bass at 2min in is nice. I like reading what the inspiration was for the music, thanks for writing that, I wish more artists would do that (me included). Personally I visualize the Egyptian pyramids when I hear this.

I'm really glad you sprinkled a bunch of chill breakdowns in the track. If you know what I mean.

durn responds:

Darn right the rest sounds awesome! ;) Hehehe, aye, I'm a loop maniac, it's amazing what you can do with 8 bars. Glad the inspiration was actually read for once! :D It's amazing how often people ask about stuff that's written right there in the comments. ;)

Thanks for the nice review, Rowland. Glad the breakdowns kept ya chilled. :)

Oh yeah... nice and mellow...

Well, I wish that my reviews werent comprised of nothing of generic nerd complements, but oh well... This was Great! It was fun to listen to, it gave me a distinctive mental picture (ive written too many audio reviews mentioning that stuff... XD), It kept changing, and... well, it was great! The thing is, I just kinda feel like it could have been more... but I'm no music expert, so just disregard that... ^^'

durn responds:

lol, thanks for the non-generic nerd review, fungi. :D haha. I hear what you're sayin' about the moreness, I left the center kinda bare, probably could've introduced some neat harmonics. :)

Enjoying the bass to this track

Its almost got a modern rock feel without the..er..super heavy guitars. Lovely use of choir that fades in and out through out the song though i'd say not to over use that too much. IT will get slightly annoying to the ear if it just keeps up like it does. The synths in this are freaking fun to listen to. The song in general is a fun song. So i'd say great work with this and keep it up!


durn responds:

Aye, nailed it on the head, the rhythm I've got going on in the left stereo's definitely modern rock feel. Not sure where you heard choir as I didn't use a choir synth of any kind. Could just be the higher saws struck that kinda chord. More or less all saw synths except for that warm-ass bass I got goin' on. :d

Nice to see you were diggin' it, wyldfyre. :) Thanks for the review, dude.


i feel like something either missing or too much is here... im not sure which but for long stretches of time its not.... idk i just didn't enjoy this one as much as some of your others... somethings off i cant even place my finger on what it is, i'm not a music person and i rate what you create based on the merit of me liking it or not. this one was less enjoyed by me sadly. Keep it up anyhow bro i love your stuff this ones just not doing it for me as hard as the rest...
-Still a fan Evintine :D

durn responds:

;) Haha, thanks for the honesty, man. :) Can't win em all, eh? I was going for more of a journey vibe this time around so it probably won't do it for everybody. :)


The slower approach was a good idea, but I don't feel that this song worked out well for you.

While as per usual, it was reletively good song, but it was quite repetative and slightly boring at times. Perhaps you could try another still with a slower beat, but make it have more energy? Either that or try something with a lot of dissonant chords. That could make it very interesting.

On the bright side, the melody itself was cool to listen to, until it was repeated over and over again. The slow buildup at the beginning was nice, and the final major buildup was just as good.

So altogether, a nice song, but not your best.

By the way, you'll have to eat your words once more, CBC announced that the heat spell is over and it's going to get cold fast.

durn responds:

Eh? There were dissonant chords going on during the whole song. lol. :) Maybe you like a little more dissonance than I do. I only use it for flairs and emphasis, the dissonance can be quite clearly heard during the build to the transition at 2:02.

The central melody was supposed to be simple, the whole bridge was more about rhythm than melody. I only brought harmonic melodies in during the last 8 bars of each 32 bar measure to not have it be completely boring.

I ain't eating nothing. I'm up north for the week and it's scorching up here. :D Thanks for the scathing review, ghost!