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Reviews for "Fingerprints of the Gods{durn}"

excellent everything!

the melody that comes in has cool variations and a great rhythm. the drum is has great panning and sounds really nice. the background effects give a really dynamic feel, and its got an interesting deserty feel. the instruments are well picked.
I love the progression also and transfer between the different sections.
An exceptional song in my eyes.

durn responds:

:O You can see music!?!? That's cooooool! :D hehehe, it's nice to read that you heard all the subtleties I threw in. Thanks for the warm review, Philzart. :)

Glad to see you haven't lost it

It seems like it would go into a video game, PsP maybe?

durn responds:

Aye, it's more VG than most I've done lately, hence the proper application of Genre for once! :D hehe. Glad ya liked it, dude!

It's pretty good

I gotta say it's pretty good worth the download, good beat
and a worthy title to go with it. Very good and good instruments used.
Maybe make a flash with this song and your other collection.And thankyou for putting this song in my head. If no likes this review,then fuck off to your crap world!

durn responds:

lol, I love all reviews, Hex. Even the low-scoring ones! :D If you wanna see some video along with my tracks check out XmillsaZ's channel on YouTube, he's done up a few of my tunes with video. :) Get Ready to Dance and Our World's videos are exceptionally hilarious. :D

Thanks for the download, man. :)


it can be a song for a game lol

durn responds:

damn straight! that's why it's in the VG genre. ;) I got it right for once! w00t! :D

Very well done.

This i feel is a very emotional piece. It sends a sort of mixed mood out that inspires a reaction from the listener. Its fare to say I rather enjoyed this.

durn responds:

Well it's fair to say that I appreciate the warm remarks, potatoman! :) Thanks for the review, dude!