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Reviews for "Fingerprints of the Gods{durn}"


You always impress me, great beat and love that mysterious video game sound to it. Good job!

durn responds:

:) Thanks Core. I'd been playing around with the same scales for so long I felt it was time to experiment with a different emotional soundscape. :) Glad to hear the mysterious sounds of the desert struck a chord with you.


Fiingerprints of the Gods... Yes... It's a great title, I daresay.

"There is only one true god, the almighty Octopus!" ~ Durn
I think you meant Flying Spaghetti Monster, right? ;)

The song...
... What can I say? You always make such a great pieces that I'm already bored of sayin' "OMGWTFBBQ WHAT A ULTRAUBERAWSUM WORK". So, i'll just say that the part that comes in at 3:50 kicks ass!

I really enjoyed listening to it and I will keep doing it for some more time ;)

Keep up the great work, mate. Cheers!

durn responds:

Haha, thanks Rychlas. I had a lotta fun working that transition at 3:50. Wanted it to have a sorta movie-track quality and I think it came off well. :) Thanks for the love, dude!


maybe a immense solo. I know you can.


durn responds:

An immense solo? Dude, you're gonna love my new one. ;) Ends with an epic jam. I just need to figure out the lyrics to the beast. 90s soulful dancefloor house, here we come!


awesome as always durn! sorry i didnt right as much as usual limited time on comp o-e

durn responds:

Haha, it's ok. Thanks for the limited remarks you were able to drop! ;)


You have it. Very, very impressive work. You've earned yourself as a favorite artist of mine on Newgrounds.

durn responds:

:D Shwank! Thank ya kindly, dude!