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Reviews for "Fingerprints of the Gods{durn}"

props ^^

i like it a lot..all the vst's in Reason impressive :D ....i like tht flow u got in this song ..really relaxing 5/5 10/10 i really like it

durn responds:

Thanks XeMeX. :) A few of the synths were of my creation but many were simply presets from within Reason that I eq'd/filtered/FX'd till it sounded how I wanted. :)

Very well

For me, this song reflects something cold, certainly times of storm... anguish... sadness... but another part, made me think something burning... I can not really describe what actually identified in this song. This slow-paced progression is impressive.
Excelent track indded, keep doing.

durn responds:

The beginning I can totally agree with you, I did that part to cool me down, but then I had my fan off for like 2 hours cause the sound of the blade interfered with my work and I was -scorching- hot in my room and all of a sudden the center part just leaped out during an off-key recording based on the acoustics of the drum pattern I'd made.

The whole center part was quite by luck, I like happy accidents. :) Thanks for your thoughts, Kauvin.

Glad to see you haven't lost it

It seems like it would go into a video game, PsP maybe?

durn responds:

Aye, it's more VG than most I've done lately, hence the proper application of Genre for once! :D hehe. Glad ya liked it, dude!

It's Okay, But I Prefer Your Other Songs.

If I had to compare this song with "Give or Take" or "Summer Solace", I wouldn't listen to this song. I'm not saying that this song isn't good, I'm saying that fast songs seem more like your forte. I enjoy listening to your fast paced songs, but even the slower paced "Give or Take" is better than this. I hope you will make a nice, epic fast paced song that is similar to "Good Morning", "Summer Solace", AND "Give or Take". If you create something like that, then you are epic...REALLY epic.

Still 10/10
AND still 5/5


durn responds:

Can't live life in the fast lane all the time.
Slow it down, take a breath and bust a rhyme.

We'll see what the future holds, I'm sure once winter hits I'll feel like warmin' up to some faster tunes. :D

Love it!

But why fingerprints of the gods? Rather weird name. Still really awesome. I hope someone made a flash with your songs. Also i heard one of your songs was in a parkour vid.

durn responds:

Check the song info. :D It's named after a really interesting theoretical book about man's pre-history. It's quite a mind-expanding read!

Sweet man! Ya saw the Parkour Tour vid! Awesome! :) Thanks for the support! :D