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Reviews for "Fingerprints of the Gods{durn}"

my new favourite of yours!

this is REALLY good! very smooth and an interesting bridge!
the whole songs is pretty much awesome!

durn responds:

Hehe, yeah, I decided to do things inside out this time and put the build at the beginning and sprinkled mini-breakdowns throughout instead. :) Good to hear the flow worked for ya! Thanks for the download! :D


i like this sonng a lot it makes me feel relaxed and the song is smooth. i hope u keep making more songs like this one!

durn responds:

:) Thanks rackle. I wanted to slowly bring people in with this one, good to hear it worked.

You did again :)

excellent music! very really well made and keep it up! :P

durn responds:

Thank you, kind sir. :)


Pretty cool, yet simple melody but the backup harmonies are what impress me the most. Your choice of chords is irregular. I like it :) It really shows your skill as a musician. When it starts, it definitely sounds like a feel good happy melody but I like the contrast at around :40 with the bass which seems to contradict the original theme at the beginning. Makes it mysterious. Excellent counter melody around 2:50 or so (I'm typing as the song plays). Transitions are long and slow but you do a fine job of keeping a driving feeling if you know what I mean.

If I could suggest one improvement, I would definitely recommend working on the percussion in this piece. It sounds good the way it is, and it works well. But personally I would enjoy a tad more complex percussion as opposed to the simple bass drum downbeat - hihat upbeat. I do like the "jungle drums" (bongos maybe?) that you threw in. Nice touch.

Excellent work my friend. Thanks for sharing. :)


durn responds:

Killer review, Chubsy! :) I spent a lot of time getting a thick, warm complementary feel with my notes, played around until it made me melt in my seat. :D hehehe. Glad you caught the dissonance during the build to the transition, I kept the volume on it a bit low until the last moment when the release was at full on the synth.

I totally hear ya about the beats on this one. This was the first track (in a loooooong time) that I programmed all of the drums from scratch. I only used two loops, the tambourine and accompanying shaker track during the center. They both seemed to fit the desert theme and I couldn't recreate their sound. But yeah, everything else was programmed out myself to get a nice head-bobbin' groove going. :)

I'll definitely focus more on drums next track around as it really helped to define this track. :) Thank you for the excellent review, Chubsy!


Hey Durn, it's me, DragonerPhoenix, from Youtube. I LOVE this song! Sure, I see a lot of comments like "fast songs are your forte", but I beg to differ! This song is really well made! Screw technical, I'm not getting into that, too little to criticize. I love the transition into the middle part. The middle part is so catchy, and sounds a bit... Egyptian? Pretty nice stuff. Really glad you decided to make this piece. It's a great change from your norm.

durn responds:

w00t! :D Youtuber ahoy!

Aye, the center was definitely desert/egypt inspired. Had been jamming with some friends the week before and we started playing around with those notes. Was in good time too, had to make 2 egypt-themed loops the next week so it was a good influence. :D

Thanks for taking the time to review, man. My new song's a slower one as well though back to my old soulful house styles. :) Should be done it pretty soon!