Reviews for "Christmas Sigworminator"

the first dress-up I found somewhat entertaining

it's not bad, actually it's pretty good and I like trying to find what I would look like if I was a worm, but like all dress-ups it gets boring after a certain amount of time. plus, I like the first song that plays in it, but the other two kinda suck


Well, the dress-up is good, and there are many items to choose from. However, for a game such as this, the load time is UnBeArAbLe. Try to remove the music, or choose a shorter loop. I think you imported it as a Wav file... Try to convert it to MP3 to reduce the size.

Apart from that, it's excellent for it's genre.

santa claus is pissed

song was hillarious

Ok, but not really my thing.

That woz ok but i personally found it a bit boring after like 3 mins.

I enjoyed that game

the main reason i enjoyed it was because of the music the first and third track were cool, the dress up itself isnt really amazing but i still liked it overall