Reviews for "Christmas Sigworminator"

Great Game, But...

The Freeze, not only when you change the music, but it freezes when the main (first) music stops. I think you need to fix that. But the game is very interactive and fun, plus I like Worms (the game!)

Good Job and better luck in the future.

Worms Dressup!

Really well done, great graphics, very original and pretty hysterical. Some problems occur with the music player which do put it down a little. Otherwise its a kool flash, keep them coming trucker!


It was a very good game for its type.

Nice, but still 4

Very nice game, very good, and very funny, but to all who read this, turn of the music at the Dress -up itself, or the game will freeze when the song i over (There's your big bug)

pretty good

I'm not to fond of dress up games but this one was actally pretty fun. ;)