Reviews for "Christmas Sigworminator"

Fun worm dress up game.

This is pretty fun for a dress-up game, however, when the song ends or when you try to change to a different song, the game freezes. Other than that, good stuff.

Great job, but...

This was the best dressup game I've ever seen, but there is a problem. When the song ends (I like the song, btw), the game freezes. I have no clue why. Other than that, awesome job!

Splapp-me-do responds:


Yeah, that freezing glitch was weird. I've uploaded a fixed version... but it says it needs the Newgrounds staff to check it before it will appear. Hopefully, it'll be up soon!


It was fun for the most part.

Nice dress-up game.

I did not know this was a dressing game though heh..Usually I do not even rate them cause I do not really like them..but this one I liked. Alot of options I will say that. I have played some better but this is nice considering the festivities ^_~. Keep it up. I like the options esepcially. Change the music up to keep anything from being repetive. Good job.

Recommendation - High

Thumb Rating - d('.'d)

drunk angel

lol i love worms