Reviews for "Christmas Sigworminator"

A trick to stop the crashing

Well when the song ends, the game freezes. If you click the berries on the pudding and turn the music off, the game doesn't freeze on you.


It wasnt that I didnt like, its just something that I would expect my nieces and nephews to play around with. Its still a good game but seems more focused for the little ones.


BORING it was ok long long load but it was w/e i got so bored........reply tro this and tell were ur eggs were.. PLEASE~~!!~~

Splapp-me-do responds:



Im not a fan of dress up games to be honest theyre kinda pointless.

But you had such a wide selection of items and everything looked great.
Add the fact you included Proper Crim'bo! on the soundtrack, that was a highlight.

It was ok :]


i like when the ugly head comes and the music but i can't play becus it's to big! but the sheep was ok so i give it 5/10