Reviews for "Christmas Sigworminator"

AWSOME but...

it suddenly stops when i try to change the song


you should make one where you can design worms (minus weapon s and animals) and then be able to fight with them


This is quite good actually. Hope to see an ultimate version with fuckloads of themes and objects.

not bad i say!

well ive seen better flash but u did good! but u gay! dumb! im kidding! u rock slapp!

Hehe give wierdo beard

OK mate i'm real sorry about my strict rating but i only rate 10 VERY rarely so make something that i'm gonna rate 10 on like err... oh who am i kiddin YOUR STUFF ROCKS THERE'S NOOOOO point me trying to hide it any more but your shit is impeckible i never thought i'd ever say this but i think your the BEST member on newgrounds!!! (now that is something no other member will have got told to them!)