Reviews for "Christmas Sigworminator"


Really really nice graphical style, I know that there have been thousands of dress up games, but this one had a graphical style that I loved.

Keep up the good work.

Nice this is good but

you might want to fix when the music ends it all stopped i could not move any clothes or anything the whole thing just froze up

anyway it was almost all flawless except for that tiny thing :)

good luck fixing it

the first dress-up I found somewhat entertaining

it's not bad, actually it's pretty good and I like trying to find what I would look like if I was a worm, but like all dress-ups it gets boring after a certain amount of time. plus, I like the first song that plays in it, but the other two kinda suck


Well, the dress-up is good, and there are many items to choose from. However, for a game such as this, the load time is UnBeArAbLe. Try to remove the music, or choose a shorter loop. I think you imported it as a Wav file... Try to convert it to MP3 to reduce the size.

Apart from that, it's excellent for it's genre.

santa claus is pissed

song was hillarious