Reviews for "Christmas Sigworminator"

love the music

awsome I love it whered you find.


it was ok, i thought it would be better like u get to fite with them, its just a normal dress-up game =(

Best dress up game I ever played

Like my one line summary says this in my opinion is the best dress up game I've ever played. I was having fun for a while until the song "proper crimbo" ended and the game froze. So while my experience was cut short I still think it's worth checking out for yourselves. Also if the author of this game reads this I'd like to ask him what I may do about this freezing problem so I may continue to play at a later date.

Splapp-me-do responds:

The freezing problem has been fixed now.

Ooo, slippage in form ;(

It doesn't haul me in like the prequel. It's not a bad game, but I just like the original more than that ;(


why cant i start the fucking thing?whenever i get to the place where all the shit is in front of the stuff and the character i cant get to the start button!