Reviews for "Christmas Sigworminator"

Absofuckenlutely cool game !!!

Worms rock !! We all know that so what can I say Lets get ready for Rumble !!


Brilliant game with ace music and designs for your worm.It's ace


Just two things-Who is Proper crimbo by
and, the music wouldn't change for me, I have latest version of flash and everything

fcking awsome the best dress up ever

i loved the music and the out fits and other thing that i cant think of right now but plz make more of thes

I love this!!!!

This is just great for Christmas!!!! It's coming so soon! I played this on my birthday and all my friends liked it too! I found one of the easter eggs when you keep clicking on the question mark that makes animals and and things but I guess it wasm't considered an easter egg because i didn't get to see one of your short animations that like you said in the instructions right before the game starts. I couldn't fogire out anymore easter eggs or secrets really. I loved this game a lot. The Music was awesome too. I liked Perfect Crimbo or whatever it is called. Mostly Everything about this game was awesome! This is the best dress up game i have ever played!!!! Honest!! lol, I have worms 3d and I am getting Worms 4 Mayhem and worms Fort Under Seige for Christmas. Merry Christmas to you dude!!! And Thanks for the great game I added it to my favorites.....You know what sucks? I wrote that whole review and then i happen to find out that im not logged on and i knew that if i logged in then all of it would be erased!! So i couldn't afford to write it from scratch after i have written all of this good stuff so i wrote it ALL down on paper and then copied it again. That really sucks Newgrounds really needs to fix that so when you log in it is all still there. This isn't the first time this has happened to me. Merry Christmas!!