Reviews for "Christmas Sigworminator"

Oh my God! Very funny Worm Flash!!

Congratulations my friend, I have a Worms Clan and thanks for this flash I make with this nice cristmas for my portal :D. Nice music, graphics and pieces on th Sigworm, great job! ^_^.

MMM! Can I put this flash in my worms clan web? :D


This is the first great dress up game. I love your art syle, i might take it up! :D
Thx for making me remember the good old days of worms world party! :D

Hooray for worms

I have to say, this was great. I love the worms games (well any of the non-3D ones anyway), so almost anything that has to do with them is gonna rate well with me.

I have only 2 complaints.

1) As previously mentioned, once the song was over, the entire thing just froze completely.

2) The items seemed to be just a little bit too crowded, I had no problems selecting the ones I wanted, but sometimes it took me a little time recognize what some of the items were due to blockage from other items.

Other than that, great work.


Awsome dress-up. Here's mine.



This is really feakin' sweet. Love the music, the facial expressions, and the guns. And the expressions, with regards to color and shape, fit the face perfectly! Wouldn't change a thing.