Reviews for "the Echo"

As My Name State's

For once in a review, I am speechless.

In a word...


Short, simple, beautiful, and super sweet.

I loved the fishes.

wonderful, loved it!

I loved it. The music was awesome. I thought it was longer though. But loved it. I can't believe it was hand drawn... Anyway, keep the good work going and post more stuff like this.

*Jaw drops*

I've never seen something so beautifully expressed in a form of a simple flash in a long time.
It was straight-foward and touching. The background style (kinda hard to read lol) was unique, the drawings were great. The message added in the end gave it a good finishing touch, even though it was showed in the background the whole time.

Hope you would make something amazing like this again in the future!

Oh sweet mother of god!

There are not enough words in the english language to express how much i love that flash!
Maybe its because im a fan of oriental music...maybe i just liked the cool background...But ethier way...This is the first reveiw i have ever posted...
Keep up the inspireing work!