Reviews for "the Echo"

Holy shit!

A magnificent performance of both beauty and grace. Bravo! It was absolutely fantastic! You are a very talented artist.


On behalf of everyone who visits newgrounds that isn't an immature moron who only cares about sex and violence: thank you for bringing art to this dumpster of a flash portal.

OMG awsome

I like your style alot just paint brush is awsome as and the back grounds was realy good.
I loved it when it came into colour that was done realy nisly keep up the good
work ill be looken at your new stuff as well
catch jesse

like the style

was very stylized and unique, keep up the good work

This is one of the best workes i have EVER seen!

If there was a score higher than a 5 you would get it. Apart from the style being completely original the story is breathtaking. The animation is smooth and the messege is clear. You have an amazing gift.