Reviews for "the Echo"


It's a crime that this didn't get daily feature, I hope that the high score holds and it gets the attention it deserves elsewhere.

As an animation it was perfect. Beautifully smooth, a very unique style and wonderfully well chosen sound. Just as my attention began to drift it turned into colour which was a fantastic moment, very rare a Flash makes me wow like that.

From start to finish it's a masterpiece of Flash. 10/10.


you playd okami havent you (^_^)


The music was so... undescribable, I liked it very much.
The can be done better, but it was quite OK.

Keep it up, and I wish I had that song of this flash on my PC...
This was so exciting.

Well then, keep it up!

My reaction...

Was actually saying out loud "Wooow" I loved it! Absolutely brilliant! You get a 5! Totally!


That was amazing... not much else I can say... the artwork was beautiful, the style was stunning... and the story... wow... one of my faves.