Reviews for "the Echo"

The lack of violence made it better :D

Come on, there is so much violence in the world already, so why add to it? Everything one does leaves a mark on oneself and others, so harmony rules, I'd say : )

A wonderful story. The music was great, and the only complaint about the graphics was the background. It stood out at some point I think, disturbing the simple lines a bit. The appearing of the colours in the end got rid of that, and was a nice touch also.

Thank you for submitting, and have a nice day : )


Simplicity is beauty :)

nicely done

i loved it,how beautiful.


that was great must of took along time just 2 do dat well anyway it was beautiful art and i loved it da music went well w/ it 2
overall: 10/10 and 5/5

Simply superb.

I should point out how I haven't written a comment in a long while even when I have seen many marvelous pieces done by numerous flash artists on newgrounds. So in a way, even though I'm no one special, feel honored I'm bothering. (Forgive me if it sounds arrogant, it's just that I really haven't seen work that has made me want to comment like this.)

This was simply marvelous. I really enjoyed every bit of it especially the continuous message in the background, seeing as how I acknowledge the importance of music in life as I expressed in one of my "art" pieces awhile ago entitled "In Tune". In anycase, I'd really like to compliment the work you've done here, the animation was smooth and the style was very intriguing, the mix between old but something modern aswell and the melody you decided to make the background music was perfect aswell, in fact I'm going to search for it.

I'm surprised this is your first attempt at something like this, you clearly express alot of talent and much more potential (with more practice, of course), I really hope I get to see more of your work in the frontpage and that you continue to evolve in this sort of animation because I can't deny how much I liked it.

I'm no expert but consider working more on how you draw the faces, as in the eyes, lips, nose and so on though I still maintain my high regard for this entire piece. I hope to see more elaborate pieces as you become comfortable with this style and more colors.

Again, excellent work.

Cridia responds:

Thanks, I am surpised many people think I have a talent for animating :D.

I am currently making plans for another movie, one that is a bit more realistic, but I am affraid it might take a very long while to complete...