Reviews for "the Echo"

A simply beautiful work of art

Note: The 0s in the categories are not put downs, they are just N/A for this piece.

This was very well done, a nice blend of traditional and digital animation. There is room for improvement, but you did say yourself that this was your first attempt at something like this, so you should try to do more and get even better!

I also think that the storytelling could use some work. It's hard to say how to improve it though. And please understand, I am not saying this work is bad in any way. Just trying to point out some things you could improve on, because I know if you keep doing stuff like this and you practice, you have the potential to create something phenomenal. :)

It was a great piece of work and I hope to see more.

amazing simply amazing

What can I say, That was simply awsome. You have some real talent


Wow man

Your skill in flash is amazing!

I could only wish that one day i could be half this good at it

well done! more!

A piece of...

Fantastic work.
The musik was great and fit very well to the movie.

Drawing the backround with the pencil while the girl was waking up and looking around was a great idea.

And at the end when it gets coloured...


Wow.... Impressive

Man, this is really my kind of flash.
This went to well with the music.
And at the end when they all got color... wow (i did something with someone getting color as well once so i like stuff like that)
This was really great, probably one of my favorite flashes out there.
The only downside of the movie was that not all drawings or animation were too great or smooth... BUT I DONT CARE, lol :P

Awsome movie, hope to see much more from you.