Reviews for "the Echo"

(amazed whistle)

Uh... this is your first attempt? You have a natural talent then, and could turn that talent into something. The music was perfect, and the animation, while a little rough around the edges, was otherwise prefect, smooth, and went quite well. I shall be visiting your Deviant Art page. Please, make more.

I am stunned

this is one of the few that really touched me to the very core. I sent it to my girlfriend and she was in 7th heaven. keep it up


ok whoever you are drop your job become a professional animator that was beyond amazign the music was perfect the art sensuous and realistic to what you where trying to convey simply perfect

Good job.

By bustexual - "The animation was great, yeah, i couldnt make any better now,
nice work but gees, it is still same submission style that eweryone has been sended for past years on the web, "omg, im mysterious and im crying without no reason or without no explanation and im playing some kind of instrument and im silent" aw my god! cmon peoples! try to make something new out! i can see your great animoter but dont use your skills to that! try to do something else than just boring anime! try to do that please, you have so amazing flash skills, owerall for the graphigs and all head stuffs=8"

Yeah, well you have to infer things. You have to actually think. I think that it's about someone who's lost another person and play music to cheer herself/himself up. Then, the person he/she has lost hears the music and comes back to the he/she that was playing the music. But, that's what I thought. Other people could have interpreted it in another way. And how you said that this was unoriginal... how is it not original? I've never seen a plot like this. Show me these links that people have been sending you.

Okay... I thought that it was great. I didn't like the plot that much and the animation was kind of "robotic" when the person was blinking. The other animation was very good though. Also, at the end, the colors didn't seem to fit well with the environment.

Good job!

Cridia responds:

You are absolutely right about the robotic thing :D. I am still trying to improve with my animating skills, and the next animation (which will also be longer, but harder to make), I will try to make them move more realistic.

Thanks for your review!

You're kidding, right?

THIS is your FIRST handdrawn animation.
I find that hard to believe. This flash animation is WAY too good for a first timer! XD
This was great. It was beautiful. We got a classic right here.