Reviews for "the Echo"


i loved this piece. the style was brand new and bold. the music was a damn good choice. the whole story was fairly played out too. simply awesome man. keep it up with your work because i think myself and a shitload more of people want to see more work like this

Good. Lord.

Absolutely brilliant. I've never seen the style before, but it was absolutely flawless. I've played Crono Cross, and i have to say that you chose the perfect song for that. There isn't a single thing wrong with it, as a movie/clip goes. It'll probly be in my shortcut list to show all my friends for some time. Keep up the good work.

'Beautiful' could not hope to cut it.

"As long as there is a sound to give, there shall be a receiver."
-Best quote ever?

This movie is sensational. Incredible animation, although I didn't entirely like her hair. Japanese themed- always enormously popular. Spine-chilling music with simple graphics integrated in such an artistic way this is a visual masterpiece. The message, the symbolism, the sincerity is everything that brings this movie together. As simple as the animation was, it was spinechilling for those reasons. My God, I cannot possibly tell you how incredible it was to witness that ending- the sweet sincerity of love. This movie is one of my favourites, and shall be adored and remembered. I commend you on bringing such a beautiful work into the lives of so many.



Wow, this is amazingly great, I liked the music, I liked the animation. I think we need more of these rather than just senseless violence work.

Keep up the good work!


animation is cute, and i like the style, but the motion is too linear. and what's with the western violin?