Reviews for "the Echo"

My God

That was increbible. Favorites *click click click* done. Fucking fantastic.

And i thought it was going to be dumb...

Damed u sure prove me wrong. i thought it was going to be one of those same love story but freaking it was awsome. the stlye, the art, the music. it was all there. watching it made something warm inside spark. it was good, simple, and short, and easy to understand. loved it. cant wait to see what more u have to offer. iam keep my eyes peel for u. other then that, i bow down to u sir.

holy crap :O

thats going in my faves :O

like wow

i never cryed so much about anything in my life watching a clip like this
very good job

man was that great

yea here on newgrounds not everything has to be violence, the flash just has to have some sort of good meaning with at least decent artwork and animation.

You however surpasses this with awesome song(from the game legend of mana i think) great artwork and animation with a unique style

it was really neat how the scene drew itself which isnt too unheard of but then when it colored itself when the notes flew by that blew my mind thats something really cool noone usually thinks of.

its just a great flash all around that anyone with a girlfriend or boyfriend that they actually care about will enjoy.

Cridia responds:

The song is actually from Crono Cross ;). Apparantly with some people the credits at the start of the song dont seem to be visible, in next movies I will try to take this in mind.

Anyways, thanks for your review!