Reviews for "the Echo"

Stylish just real stylish

Stylish just real stylish

Dude, that was beautiful

Really touching. And awesome style.

Raw emotion at its best!

Rarely have I ever bore witness to such an artistic diamond, not in the rough, but rising above it. And even rarer still has something, especially on Newgrounds, come so close to touching me as deeply as this; what I can only describe as an original masterpiece. For years, I was hoping someone would finally put the Chrono Cross music to use for something other than gaming-related, and you did that masterfully. This is my first NG review, just as it is your first NG submission, and it is a privilege to have had the chance to experience this wonderful gem you've brought unto us. Thank you so much.


Dont have to add annyting about that...

Wow, cool!

"This piece of art went right into my heart.
I felt all warm inside as I saw color and music collide".

No but seriously, great work, keep it up!
10/10 5/5