Reviews for "Pandora's Book"

My god. O_O

Artistic quality and smoothness of animation that parallels with the Brackenwood series. O_O It needs more of a storyline though, that's where it lacks most. Other than that, it's amazing.

Nicely done

A hugely well animated piece, which looks like it was painted, rather than drawn. The lack of voices (Why would you need them) is made up for with a hugely impressive piece played on what sounds like pipes and bells.

Did you choose the tune for the toon, or make the toon to fit the music?

It could be interesting to see this blossom into something more than just a quick flash like this. If so, I'd certanly look forward to it.

Etoli responds:

Interesting, you are the first to ask about how I animated with regards to the music. With this one, I edited the music to fit the animation. I think I prefer it the other way around, now. . .at least when I want the animation to have alot of beats.