Reviews for "Pandora's Book"

what the?

whats so good of this flash? except that its well drawn and good animated, whats so special about it?


wow, good graphics and animations

short, but great job

Could have been the best flash ever.

Awesome graphics, really well designed, imacculate style and technique used, yet as useless as tits on a bull. I'd love to see you apply your style and abilities to something with a purpose or a storyline or .. anything.

Also, minor boo's for stealing a musical score undertone from Star Wars. :P Unless it was an intentional nod to it.

Etoli responds:

The music was an intentional nod--sorry to mislead you. I take care to cite my sources and give credit where it is due. But about the story--
I'll be more clear in my descriptions next time, but the purpose of this assingment wasn't to fully flesh out a story with beginning, middle, and end. It was an opportunity to create visual storytelling with a simple story. . .a window into the world.


Your absolutly amazing. I was very impressed. My only complaint is that is was short (but, you stated that in your comments... first animated short). I hope to see more of your work and soon.

Very Pretty

I liked it. I would have liked to see more of the story, but other than that I thought it was very nicely done. I loved the dragon! Keep up the good work.